Detjer - Timeless Elegance

Detjer is a furniture brand inspired by the style of the 1950s in Chandigarh. However, Detjer furniture pieces are made with high-quality and contemporary materials, so that they fit perfectly into modern interiors. Understated and refined, Detjer’s designs are ideal for lovers of a subtle yet elegant aesthetic. With Detjer you can enjoy timeless furniture that is both functional and beautiful.

In order to serve their customers even better, Detjer recently enlisted the help of WHITE Digital Agency to restyle their website. As a supplier of virtual products, we at Vulp were proud to contribute to this restyling.

One of the main features of Detjer’s new website is the integration of our virtual products. Using our services, customers can now easily navigate the website and view all products in 3D, in all available colors and textures with our 3D furniture configurator. This is a great way to bring our furniture to life on the website and gives customers a realistic impression of what the furniture will look like in their own home with Augmented-Reality(AR).

Vulp available on Detjer’s website with 3D and AR technology

The integration of our virtual products into Detjer’s website is a great step forward for this furniture brand. Our technology enables customers to get an even better picture of the products and encourages them to experience and buy Detjer furniture. We are proud to have played a part in this and are excited to see how this new technology can help Detjer grow and expand their customer base. To view the 100+ virtual products, please visit

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Vulp integrated in the Detjer website