Store and Customize Virtual Product with the Vulp 3D Configurator

Vulp is an online platform that allows you to store virtual products and access them conveniently from any location. Leveraging the industry-leading standards of technology like Google and Apple, Vulp ensures a seamless and reliable user experience. Additionally, Vulp offers an immersive 3D Configurator that lets you customize and visualize your products in stunning detail.

Augmented reality

Every product in 3D

360 degree

Every product can be shown in Vulp. You can move the 3D product render and view every detail, texture and every color in our 360 configurator. Interact in your browser or instantly on a mobile device without installing an app.

Augmented Reality

Want to view a product, furniture or new accessories in real-life in your environment? Enable the Augmented Reality (AR) function with one click and view the virtual product in your living room, bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere.

No technical knowledge needed

Embedding a Vulp-viewer is easy! Just copy the generated code to your website and it works instantly. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video. If you want more, there are a lot of parameters and styles you can add.

Customizable viewer

Vulp has the possibility to show a product in your corporate identity. It can show product variations of your product, for example different colors, textures and sizes. Pick your style and view it in Augmented Reality.

The viewer that always fits

In browser viewer

When using the Vulp-viewer you don’t need to install an app. Just embed our code and you are ready to go.

Instant Augmented Reality

With one click you can view the model in your environment. No app needed. Vulp makes use of standards set by Google (Android) and Apple (iOS).

Fast viewing of products variations

Variations of the products can be chosen instantly, without having to reload the model in our 3D configurator.

Customizable viewer

You have the option to change the appearance of the viewer. Things like the background, menu buttons and texts can be changed to match your corporate identity.

3D configurator for all devices

Every detail visible

360 degrees view

Move and pan around the virtual product, to view it from every side. Or use the zoom-functionality to take a look at a detail.

High quality materials

See details in textures, with realistic reflections, shadows and ambient occlusion.

Adapting Augmented Reality

Your phone is already AR proof, just open the Vulp-viewer on your phone and click on the AR button to view the product in your environment. Depending on the device, the reflection and lighting of the model automatically adapts to your environment.

All product options and details in one place

Changing product color

You can put all product colors and materials in Vulp and change the background in a matching color. Your customers can easily choose a product color which suits them best.

All dimensions projected on the product

Your customers can view dimensions on the product in 3D or in Augmented Reality (AR). An easy way for your webshop customers to get an impression of the size.

Textual hotspots

You can add text hotspots on the 3D product to add an additional description or to explain a unique selling point. In this way your website visitors can take a 3D tour around the product.

Customize every part of the 3D model

All objects and materials are separately customizable. These can be set to predefined colors.

Virtual product options
3D product Interaction & animation

Interaction and animation

Play with the camera

Freely move around the 3D product visualization. Take a look at the back, the bottom and the top.

Interact with the product

It is possible to start a predefined animation, for example by interacting with the 3D model. View the inside, an exploded view or switch between options.

We convert, color and animate your 3D model

In-house 3D designers

We can imagine that you don’t have all the technical drawings of your product. This is no problem, we have experienced 3D designers who can draw and edit 3D models and convert them to virtual products.

Technical drawing support

If you have any technical drawings like a STP or IGS file, we can convert and add the right color to the virtual product for viewing it in 360 degrees and in Augmented Reality.

Changes and support

We can make changes to the model and add extra colors or materials.

Convert 3D models to virtual products

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