Animation & interaction

Information hotspots

In Vulp’s 3D configurator, there are multiple interactive possibilities within the virtual 3D environment of the product. Users can not only personalize the 3D product by changing colors and options, but they also have the opportunity to discover additional information or unique selling points through ‘information hotspots’.

Interactive hotspots

These hotspots, strategically placed on or around the 3D model, open a window when clicked on. This window can be filled with both text and images, thus providing a rich, interactive experience. Moreover, these hotspots are dynamic and can move along with any animations in the model, contributing to a more immersive and personalized user experience.

Customize hotspots

There are several types of hotspots in the Vulp 3D configurator, in addition to ‘information hotspots’, there are also ‘design hotspots’. With these hotspots, you can create a personal configuration of a 3D virtual product. Read more about design hotspots.

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