Animation & Interaction

Customize Hotspots

With the design hotspots in the Vulp 3D configurator, customers can fully personalize a 3D product by switching between various options. Users can swap parts to create their own unique product configuration.

The intuitive interface through hotspots makes it even easier to find the perfect match for your preferences for each component. This adjustment significantly improves interaction with products, creating a unique shopping experience.

Interactive Hotspots

Each interactive hotspot represents a component that can be swapped. Often this would be toggling on and off, but Vulp also offers the option to bring multiple variants under one personalization hotspot. Moreover, these hotspots are dynamic and can move along with any animations within the model, contributing to a more immersive and personalized user experience.

If you do not want to use our hotspots or button interface but still want to use our configuration options, you can choose to link Vulp to a webshop or your own web interface; we refer you to our API for this.

Information Hotspots

There are several types of hotspots in the Vulp 3D configurator, in addition to the ‘design hotspots’ there are also ‘information hotspots’. With these hotspots, you can display additional information through text and images for a 3D virtual product. Read more about information hotspots.

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