24/7 Energie - Hybride installation (24/7)

The best of both worlds, solar and wind energy combined. By placing the horizontal wind generator on solar panels with a solar and wind tracker, we have a setup that can provide optimal energy 24/7. This system is equipped with intelligent software that chooses the best return on its own.

Although 24/7 has a beautiful animation that explains the possibilities of the hybrid installation, it lacks interaction and insight into the size of the installation. Fortunately, one online tool offers a solution here. Thanks to Vulp’s Augmented Reality function, a potential customer can immediately see how much space the solar or wind tracker takes up. It is easy to integrate the Vulp component on the website through an iframe.

Optimized 3D models for best user experience at Vulp

The team of 3D designers at Vulp converted the complex 3D model of the solar or wind tracker into an optimized 3D virtual product, without loss of quality. This allows the user to have an optimal experience when viewing the virtual product and get an accurate impression of both the appearance and size of the tracker.

Contact Vulp for more information about our project

If you have any questions or want to know more about this project, don’t hesitate to contact Vulp by phone or email. Contact our team to discuss your needs and explore how they can assist you.

Vulp integrated in the 24/7 Energie website