January 13, 2024 (1.16.0)

Javascript API

We are excited to announce a major update in our suite of 3D product configuration tools: the launch of the Vulp Javascript API. This innovation marks a significant step forward in the flexibility and functionality of Vulp, offering our users more control and customization options than ever before.

What’s New?

Seamless Integration with Any Webshop: Whether you have a fully custom webshop or use popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, or PrestaShop, our new API makes integrating Vulp’s 3D viewer easier than ever.

Bidirectional Data Exchange:

You can now send data from the Vulp viewer to your webshop and vice versa. This means customers can see real-time changes in the 3D view of products based on their choices within the webshop, creating an interactive and personalized shopping experience.

Complete Customization of the User Interface:

Want the Vulp 3D configurator to seamlessly align with your brand identity? With our API, you can now replace all standard buttons and functions of the Vulp iframe with your own designed elements. Fully adapt the look and feel to your own style and maintain complete control over the user experience.

How to Start?

Visit our documentation page for detailed instructions on implementing and using the Vulp Javascript API in your webshop. Our team is ready to provide support at every step of the process, from integration to customization. https://docs.vulp.studio

Your Feedback is Important

Your experiences and feedback are essential to us. We encourage you to explore the new Javascript API and let us know how it has transformed your webshop. Your input helps us continuously improve and adapt Vulp to your needs.