August 8, 2023 (1.14.1)

Hotspots with images

Our 3D hotspots have been given a new function. In addition to adding text to clarify your product’s unique features, we now support images. This is a great addition to make the text in the virtual 3D product configurator even clearer.

With images you can enhance the text in the hotspots and create a better understanding of the features and benefits of your product. The visual element adds an extra dimension to your customers’ experience, giving them a better understanding of what the product looks like and how it functions.

We are pleased to have further expanded our 3D configurator with this new feature. We hope it helps you to present your products even more attractively and convincingly to your customers.

Discover now the possibilities of adding images to our 3D hotspots and make your product configurations even more exciting!

Hotspots with images