July 4, 2023 (1.14.0)

High level detail of the dimension layers

We have made some significant enhancements to our dimension layers, now boasting an impressive high resolution and an exceptional level of detail. These improvements are particularly beneficial for online retailers who prioritize accurate product sizing.

Our dimension layers have undergone a remarkable transformation, offering a level of clarity and precision that truly enhances the customer experience. With the heightened resolution, every aspect of the product’s dimensions, from length and width to height and depth, is now depicted with astounding accuracy. Customers can now visualize the product’s size in a virtual setting, ensuring confidence and informed decision-making.

Adding the dimension layer to your virtual product is now easier than ever before. Our streamlined process enables seamless integration, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate the dimension layer into your existing virtual product presentations. By providing a visual representation of the product’s size, you can effectively address any concerns related to dimensions and empower your customers to make confident purchasing decisions.

For online retailers who specialize in products where size matters, our improved dimension layers serve as an invaluable extension. Whether you sell furniture, clothing, or any other item that requires precise measurements, our dimension layers are designed to elevate your online shopping experience. Customers can now visualize the product’s size accurately, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or returns.

Upgrade your online retail business today with our high-resolution dimension layers. Experience the power of visualizing product size in stunning detail and provide your customers with an enhanced shopping experience they won’t forget.

High level detail of the dimension layers