December 20, 2023 (1.15.0)

Customization Hotspots

3D Product Configurator Now with Enhanced Customization Options We are excited to announce the most significant update of the past year for our 3D configurator. This update takes product Customization to an entirely new level.

In addition to the existing ability to adjust colors, we are now introducing the option to exchange different product variants. Users can now swap parts to create their own unique product configuration. This development promises a more personalized and engaging experience for our customers.

Our revamped, intuitive interface makes it even easier to find the perfect match for your preferences for each component. This adjustment significantly improves interaction with products, creating a unique shopping experience.

And there’s more on the horizon. Soon, we will launch an update that expands the Vulp functionalities, allowing them to be linked with every existing and new webshop. This marks a significant step in seamlessly integrating our advanced Customization options with a broader range of online platforms.

This update not only changes the way customers interact with products online but also enriches the overall e-commerce experience. For a demonstration of the new features or more information, visit our website.

Customization Hotspots