June 6, 2023 (1.13.0)

Improved layout

We have some minor improvements to our Vulp Viewer for improved interactive product display. These updates bring a host of benefits to enhance your browsing experience. Here’s what’s new:

Disable the Color-Groups buttons: With the ability to set the ‘menu’ or ‘color-button’ parameter to 0, you can now remove color-groups, offering a cleaner and more focused viewing experience if needed.

Adaptive Menu Button Size: The menu button now adjusts its size dynamically as the screen size changes, ensuring optimal accessibility on all devices, including smartphones and tablets for our visual configurator.

Improved Embedding Experience: We have removed the background overlay when opening the AR-message with QR-code, enabling seamless integration of the Vulp Viewer onto your web pages or applications for a more harmonious visual experience.

Decimal Support for Camera Parameters: We’ve enhanced the Vulp Viewer with decimal support for camera orientation, position, and limits. Experience greater control and precision in adjusting your camera settings to achieve your desired viewing experience.

These enhancements provide greater customization options, improved accessibility, and better integration capabilities for our E-commerce platform. We are committed to continually refining our products to meet your evolving needs. Enjoy the upgraded Vulp Viewer and stay tuned for more updates as we strive to deliver the best browsing experience possible and a great online shopping experience.