Pal-V - Liberty

The era of flying cars has arrived, and it’s no longer just a concept from science fiction. The Pal-V Liberty, a flying car, is poised to revolutionize personal transportation. This groundbreaking vehicle, developed by Pal-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle), seamlessly combines the functionality of a car with the freedom of a helicopter. Today, we take you on an immersive journey into the future of transportation through the innovative Vulp 3D configurator.

The Vulp 3D configurator is a cutting-edge tool that offers an unparalleled look at the Pal-V Liberty, transforming the way we interact with this pioneering vehicle. With the Vulp 3D configurator, you can explore the Pal-V Liberty from every angle, zooming in and out to gain a comprehensive understanding of its design and functionality. Immerse yourself in the world of the Pal-V Liberty by placing a virtual version of the vehicle in your real-world surroundings. Experience firsthand how this flying car could fit into your life. Personalize the Pal-V Liberty to your liking by changing its colors and explore the interior, all within the virtual realm.

Configure your own flying car

The Pal-V Liberty represents a major leap forward in personal transportation, offering the dream of flying cars to the masses. With the Vulp 3D configurator, you can now experience this marvel in a whole new way. Whether you’re fascinated by its design, intrigued by its capabilities, or simply dreaming of your future adventures, the Vulp 3D configurator allows you to explore the Pal-V Liberty like never before. So, take a virtual flight into the future of mobility and discover how the Pal-V Liberty can transform the way we move on land and in the air. Please visit to explore the Pal-V: Liberty.

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